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We help you navigate the complexity of sustainability data and turn it into actionable insights


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Sustainable Management

Align your company with the global sustainability goals (SDGs) and receive support in transitioning and engaging your workforce in the journey. Our team will provide assistance with climate adaptation strategies, analyze your value chain dependencies, and address waste stream issues. Explore the future possibilities and get in touch to learn more about how we can collaborate towards achieving your sustainability goals.

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Technology Innovation

Discover the potential of circular models to maximize the lifespan of your products and materials while increasing profitability through repair, reuse, and recycling. Our team will assist you in developing business models that foster circular consumption, including sharing, leasing, and subscription services. With expertise spanning various sectors, we facilitate the identification and utilization of synergistic relationships across industries. Join us in embracing a sustainable future by exploring the possibilities and connecting with our network today.

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Enabling Circularity

Discover how to use circular models that make your products and materials last longer and generate more income from repairing, reusing, and recycling. Create business model for products and services that support circular consumption, such as sharing, leasing, and subscribing. We work with circularity across multiple sectors and help you find and use the links and benefits between sectors and partners.

Toward sustainable business

No matter at which stage your company is right now, we have an offering that will fit you


Do you understand how your company's current operation impacts the planet & people?

  1. Your environmental impact
  2. Your social impact

Define your company’s vision and ambition

  1. Create workgroups and teams
  2. Engage and involve your staff
  3. Set goals and priorities

Prepare your sustainability journey

  1. Clearly define your roadmap and responsibilities
  2. Communicate your sustainability roadmap
  3. Search for partners and new collaboration

Execute your sustainability roadmap

  1. Implement env. and social initiatives
  2. Build capabilities and engage stakeholders
  3. Learn from the experience

Our Digital Services

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ESG Software Marketplace

Find many different ESG softwares in one place

A tool to chose right ESG reporting for your company

Don't know which software to chose for ESG reporting? Check out our free tool to help you to find the right one for your company needs

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Annie Chiu Sjöblom profile picture

Annie Chiu Sjöblom

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Co-founder & CEO

Impact entrepreneur, advisor, and driver toward the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). GRI & materiality certified. Extensive background in technology innovation and business transformation.

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Anna Zakrisson (PhD)

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Co-founder & Chief of Science & Communication

Ecologist, DGNB certified consultant, GHG protocol certified Scope 3 in the value chain, and green infrastructure expert with long international experience.

Bartosz Libner profile picture

Chief Technical Officer

Software Developer and Data Scientist with 7+ years of experience. Worked on multiple projects within telecom, healthcare, and other industries.

Extended team

Katja Herbst profile picture

Katja Herbst

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Project Management | Consultancy for Sustainable Buildings | Mediation

Pedro Carvalho profile picture

Pedro Carvalho

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Circular Economy | Natural Resource Management

Jose Pilich profile picture

Jose Pilich, PhD

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Founder at IQSpatial | NY MBE Certified | Geographer | Researcher

Astrid (Hauenstein) Deutschmann profile picture

Astrid (Hauenstein) Deutschmann

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Equality and diversity consulting | technical project management

Ryan Kmetz profile picture

Ryan Kmetz

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Climate Change | Sustainability | Resilience expert

Arvid Karsvall profile picture

Arvid Karsvall, PhD

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Business Strategist | Service Architect | Customer Experience Analyst


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Our extended network brings endless possibilities. Collaborating with multiple partners enables us to deliver optimal results to customers. We're continuously expanding our network and welcome opportunities to work together.

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